Who doesn’t like talking rabbits? What about talking rabbits that can update you on the weather? Nabaztag is, quite simply, a WiFi rabbit. It is developed by French company Violet and billed as the first object to cross over between the digital world of the internet and the dumb, physical, unconnected world occupied by humans.


Our programme was driven by intensive, sustained press office activity led by a highly experienced and dedicated media relations team.  The key, beyond explaining how the product worked, was to ensure that the most savvy technology media and influencers were exposed to it.  We needed people to start talking about the product in their own way within their own network.


The rabbit was a huge hit for those who understood it. It was reviewed and covered by all the key UK gadget media, generating 80+ reviews in some 65 titles. Similarly it found its way on to TV shows such as the BBC’s Something for the Weekend.