Lonely Planet is the go-to guide for adventurous travellers. We were asked to promote the launch of its new Australia edition to the core audience of seasoned travellers, emphasising quality content.


We managed to secure the participation of two influential partners who were bang on target for our audience: the Guardian newspaper and photo printer manufacturer HP. The mechanic was a competition, held in the Guardian, to find iconic images of Australia, focusing on Lonely Planet’s long history of quality photography. The best entry would then win the place on the front cover of Lonely Planet’s guide to Australia.


More than 500 people entered the competition, many submitting several images. The preamble and competition winners were all featured in The Guardian Travel section in print and online.  There were 10 runners up all of whom received the latest HP Photosmart printer and, of course, the winner had his winning image featured in the Lonely Planet guide.