There are a lot of apps on the market nowadays, so it takes something special to catch people’s attention. Jeanie Media offered OK! magazine something truly original – an iPhone app that gave its readers the ability to tag and track celebrities. The story for Jeanie wasn’t so much the OK! initiative, but the unique technology that made it work. Our job was to help Jeanie demonstrate its achievement to the vertical press read by its customers.


A handpicked team, led by mobile industry media relations expert Caroline Tarbett, carried out a sustained media relations campaign targeting mobile trade, marketing and media industry press.

The launch to vertical press was coordinated in parallel with the OK! magazine press team.


Prior to launch we secured six pre-briefings under embargo and four more on and after the launch date.  In total we achieved 30+ positive news articles for the launch, which delivered a xx% increase in web traffic to Jeanie Media’s site.