DEMO, the conference developed by global market intelligence advisory firm Guidewire Group, is a US legend, helping launch technology products such as Adobe Acrobat, Sun’s Java, WebEx and TiVo. Guidewire Group was looking to launch a similar platform in Europe, and needed our help to establish and promote the initiative.


The event, called Innovate! Europe, aimed to create a level platform for the most promising technology start-ups to meet with investors, media and analysts.  The event itself was to comprise a rich mix of conversations, analysis and innovation brought together by some 50 companies from across Europe for the first event in Zaragoza, Spain.

Switch and Guidewire Group founder Frank Kelcz supported the formation of the event in Europe with a trans-Atlantic working group. Establishment of the event included a blend of workshops and networking with established and emerging technology names.


Having got off to a successful start in 2005, Innovate! Europe is now in its fifth year, and has advised hundreds of Europe’s most promising early stage technology start-ups. Switch Communications continues to support the event with the participation of 25 top technology partners.