IronPort is a great example of how we can use a company’s own intelligence to create news. The aim was to help this IT security challenger create a clear, authoritative voice in the media to drive sales.


We successfully hijacked the news agenda using IronPort’s own product – SpamCop. Using the product, we assessed global email threats and then passed the information onto high-profile media outlets such as the BBC online.


Over a three-year relationship, which ended when Cisco acquired IronPort, we grew the number of UK articles as a percentage of total global share of voice from 45% to 67%. Over 10 successive quarters the Switch Communications team achieved an average 141% delivery on quarterly performance targets such as 35 press articles per quarter.

Ultimately we moved the brand from the third most referenced IT security brand in the media to the number one position, ahead of major players such as Symantec, Postini, MessageLabs and Surf Control* (UK), according to third-party evaluation.